My name is Scott Baldwin. I am an associate professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University. I am affiliated with the Clinical Psychology PhD program. I teach courses in statistics and data analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I also teach clinical courses at the graduate level.


I'm primarily interested in data analysis and statistical issues in clinical psychology and the behavioral sciences. My data analysis interests are diverse. My research has focused on the analysis of clustered data, psychometrics, longitudinal data analysis, and meta-analysis. Recently, I have focused on using Bayesian methods to better understand clinical data and improve inferences. Indeed, the majority of my analyses now use Bayesian methods, conducted using Stan. I am also interested in evaluating psychotherapy and understanding how and why psychotherapy works.


This site provides information about my research and teaching. I also occassionally post to my blog on topics I care about. I've posted a number of tutorials on statistical software. Most of them pertain to Stata, but I add to these tutorials regularly. Click on the links to the left and look around a bit.