Current Research

Data Analysis Projects

  1. The performance of clustered standard errors versus multilevel models in the analysis of multilevel zero-inflated count data.
  2. Two-part measurement models.
  3. Reliability in psychophysiology studies.
  4. Non-parametric Bayesian models for the analysis of longitudinal physical activity data.
  5. Meta-analysis of intraclass correlations.


  1. Psychological Statistics using Stata (Stata Press). Data analysis and statistics commonly used by psychologists. Topics include regression, logistic regression, psychometrics, multilevel models, and structural equation models.

  2. Writing a Research Paper (APA Press). This book is currently in production and is scheduled to be release this fall. This book is part of a broader series of short books aimed at introductory, lower division psychology courses. It walks the reader through the process of developing and writing a research paper.